Follow your Impulses- like your life depends on it!

It is time to reclaim ourSelves! We are in a time in history where there is an URGENCY for us to wake-up to our power and live it daily.

Part of us reclaiming ourSelves and waking up to the powers we have within ourselves is remembering to follow our impulses.

“Impulses” often have a yucky or unhealthy connotation such as saying you had an impulse to eat a whole cake or to scream obscene things at someone or slap someone. That said, we also “know” deep down in inside when an impulse is a real “true-self” impulse (as opposed to those more conditioned or reactive “impulse”).

I want you to begin to notice your true-self impulses. Impulses can be loosely defined as a visceral gut knowing that you just need to do.

An impulse can be as basic as the need to go to the bathroom, sip water, get outside in nature, scream, get up from your desk and stretch, make a noise, sing, not eat or eat. When we tune into the sensations in our body, our intuition, our knowings, our instincts etc etc…. we can sense and feel our impulses and follow them.

When we follow our impulses we meet a need! Read that again…… when we follow our impulses we meet a need. We are meant to become aware of our true-self needs and desires via the sensations, knowings, intuition etc etc and then CHOOSE to meet those needs. WE HAVE THAT POWER. It’s so simple yet most people don’t do it. They choose the shoulds, the “right” thing to do, what will make other people happy etc etc.

When we choose to remember and notice our impulses, radically value and trust them and follow them like our life depends on it….. we FEEL better. We also send signals of trust to our body, emotions, soul and all parts of us saying, “Thank you. I’m paying attention. Guide me more please. I’m listening and will follow your guidance”.

Here’s a personal story for you. I was feeling stuck while creating content for the June membership the other day. I was standing at my computer trying to force my writing. I KNOW that this does not work for me. My creativity flows when it desires to flow and it’s my job to listen to that “impulse” to create at that time. I have sooooo much coming through me at various times however, it does not flow on demand. I had the impulse (honestly it was a deep yearning- a need) to get outside in a new nature place and play in the rain and wind with my dogs.

I stopped what I was doing, got my dogs ready and we were off. OMG it was the best FREEDOM feeling ever. OK- maybe not best ever but it was just what my heart and soul, body and all parts of me needed. I needed the joy of my dogs running free being crazy. I needed new nature as opposed to just taking my pups for a walk in the neighborhood. I needed the wind and rain caressing my body. I needed to run and throw the ball with my pups. I needed to see more sky, trees, dirt, animals etc etc.

I met my true-self need. Oh, and I also needed to play loud country music in the care to and from our hike. My song of choice was Elle King and Miranda Lambert’s song Drunk. It’s just fun! I love my country music when I just want to let go driving in the car. When I got home my next impulse was to create more in my vision book and board. I followed that impulse too and uncovered some great future self meditation desires.

So trust your impulses. Begin to notice them and follow them like your life depends on it. Let me know how it goes!

Love, K

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