Retreat: My first psilocybin Women’s retreat

I am a huge believer in the power of retreats– going away to a new place with new people experimenting with new things. My heart and soul crave new experiences on an on-going basis which is one reason I will forever be a student of life.

My latest adventure was a 3-day Women’s Healing retreat on the Oregon Coast where we experimented with psilocybin (magic mushrooms). I’ve been curious about psychedelics for a long time. I read How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression and Transcendence by Michael Pollan, in the beginning of my healing journey. But, I was not ready to dive into trying them at that time.

Fast forward 10 years and for the last 1-2 years I sensed my time was coming soon to begin to experiment with them. Then, in the last month or two I was yearning for a safe space and people to experiment with going into different levels of consciousness or different realms. An opportunity popped up in my instagram feed for a 3-day psilocybin experience where I would be assisted pre-journey, have a “trip sitter” during my journey and have assistance in the integration after my experience. This felt like a hell yes! Plus, it was at the Oregon Coast which is not only close to me (I’m in West Linn, Oregon) but also, allowed me to play in nature and the ocean.

I was also called to this experience because we were going to do a cold plunge in the ocean. I have been practicing Wim Hoff breathing and taking cold showers since January 2022 so I already know the huge benefits of a cold therapy- I just did not “take the full plunge yet”. It’s important when you are working on regulating your nervous system that you sense and feel what YOU are ready for with any new experience. Gradually building up to a cold plunge with cold showers is a great way to cultivate safety in your nervous system including, your mind and body, with this new experience.

We woke one of the days, sipped our coffee, put on our swim suits and in the cold rain walked down to the beach and jumped in. OMG it was exhilarating! Truly! I did not sit but instead was called to run around in the water dunking my body fully here and there. OMG I was running around like a little kid who had no cares in the world except for joy and fun. I had my winter hat on, bikini, it was pouring rain and cold and I was in awe and bliss. I ran from the water onto the beach and all the way back to our house where I took a fantastic shower with radical joy. I was so proud of myself. It takes courage to do new things.

We can do hard things. We can do new things. We MUST do new, challenging things or else we stay the same person. We are meant to evolve many times in our one lifetime becoming a new version of our true self- becoming more of our true self with each version.

When I say yes to an experience I sense it from my heart and soul and all parts of me. Uncovering more of my true self and radically being her in this life in the moments of my life is the point of my life. I want to radically know mySelf and BE her, feel her. Exploring psychedelics is another way to be curious about who she is, my soul purposes, know mySelf and more.

As I was journeying I was flowing through water craving returning to my “home” that I have created with my husband, kids and dogs. Radically grateful for the simple small things… teaching Mason to drive, walking my dogs in the neighborhood, creating a conscious home, creating my work in the world helping other women and humans become their true selves and live their radical truths. So much of my journey said, “yes yes yes, keep doing it, love up your family, be proud, feel grateful, you are doing it, keep doing it, be loud and proud, gather more women & humans, share……. “.

I will continue to peel away the layers of my journey and uncover more but what I know is that everything that was revealed to me in my 10 years of my healing journey so far, was validated in a few hours of a psychedelic journey.

We are soooooo much more powerful than we are taught. Life is meant to be experienced in the moments. We are meant to radically feel all the feelings that come with life experiences. We are meant to be radically transparent and free ourselves. We NEED to uncover and create our unique gifts in this life and give them to the world.

We chose our parents and were meant to experience every single experience we have experienced. As we become more awakened to our true self we can choose in more alignment with our highest good and truths and evolve even faster.

That was one of my questions in regards to psychedelics….. Will psychedelics help the women and humans I work with evolve faster? Peel away the layers of their conditioned self faster and easier? Can they help humans take true inspired actions faster? Uncover their true self faster? Make choices in more alignment with their true self faster and easier?

I believe YES! They are only part of a healing journey. During the journey wisdom is revealed and YOU and I still need to choose to stay awake in the moments of our lives to choose in alignment with what we uncovered and our truths. Then, as we move through life after the journey more is revealed in the moments of our lives. I’m of course staying radically aware and curious.

It all comes down to the fact that life is the healing journey. It is miraculous and mysterious.

If you are curious about exploring psilocybin for your healing journey schedule a free call with me on my website.

love & healing, Kelly

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