The Healing Lifestyle Design Blog – An Introduction

I created the Healing Lifestyle Design Blog for two main reasons. One, to inspire you to pause and question everything– so that you can begin to unleash your true self and heal.  Two, because it is one of my heart and soul needs, passions & desires to share my healing journey and continue to question, explore and synthesize the knowledge, practices, stories, miracles and more that I uncover.

This is where I share my “musings”. These are not super professional, edited, evidence-based, “perfect” articles or essays but instead, a place for me to try to put language to this crazy human experience. Choosing to embody this human experience is a conscious choice I have made and it helps me and others who have also made this choice to sense and feel deeper into our experiences. I share what I sense, feel, experience, wonder about, imagine, question and more.

My hope for you is that you come away from my musings with more questions than answers. I hope my musings spark your heart and soul and allow you to go inward and begin getting to know all the parts of you and reintegrating them. I hope my platform gives you permission to do the deep messy inner work that can be challenging but is so essential for us to free ourselves, heal and truly live our lives fully aligned with our truths and radically feeling into the moments. I hope you give yourself permission to choose your joys, laughter, love, awe, magic, miracles and gratitude right now because we must let go of the need for a specific outcome while we be and do all we can to unleash our true selves!

I am fascinated with the human experience including the body’s ability to heal itself and the wisdom we have within ourselves. It is my daily intention to radically embody my human experience so I can radically know mySelf. I believe we are so much more powerful than we are taught. We have superpowers within us that have laid dormant for centuries due to subconscious fears of shining our light (for reasons that I’ll write about in another post).

Generations of humans have forgotten these superpowers. But now is the time of remembering! Now, is the time for us to remember our superpowers and choose to activate them and BE them in the moments of our lives. It is the time of remembering the wisdom we have within ourselves that guides us one step at a time on our life and healing journey. This remembering is how we individually and collectively heal.

Radical inquiry, the deep questioning of everything, is a wonderful place to start. I want you to come to this blog and/ or the Healing Lifestyle Design Podcast and YouTube Channel with a curious mindset. I chose to create a variety of types of content including written, audio and video because we all learn differently- so, choose the type of content that feels best for you.

Come to the content with an open, curious mindset. A light-heartedness in yoru being. A willingness to be open to new knowledge that allows you to have a radical shift in perception or a paradigm shift. It is only when new knowledge comes our way and we are ready to receive that new knowledge that we can have that life-changing paradigm shift or shift in perception that allows us to experience new beliefs, new moment to moment thoughts, new emotions and sensations within our soma (our body), make new choices……….. all of which leads to new, more desired, more heart and soul-aligned results in our life.

The choice to uncover the deepest roots of our personal dysharmonies and BE with all the sensations, feelings, emotions that come with that knowing that that is exactly where we need to be in that moment without judgement is powerful- it is one of our superpowers. Part of our journey together is regulating the nervous system so that we have the capacity to experience in our body, in all parts of ourselves and our whole being the full spectrum of emotions and sensations that come with the process of awakening to our conditioned self and the process of deconditioning ourselves and unleashing our radical true self.

Together, we choose to unleash and BE our radical true self in the moments of our lives so we can embody this human experience, co-create our unique gifts and give them to the world.

Welcome Love, 

Whether you are struggling with debilitating pain and symptoms (physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually) or you are just feeling stuck and uncomfortable in your body and life, YOU absolutely can heal and feel peace within yourself. Healing, becoming whole, starts with choosing to take radical personal responsibility for everything in our lives. We have co-created everything we have experienced so far and we have the power to co-create anything in alignment with our heart and soul desire. It starts with you radically knowing yourSelf- your true self!

The process of getting to know ourselves can be fun! You must give yourself permission to let go of the outcome. I know this is challenging, as the catalyst for my healing journey was debilitating pelvic pain and all I desired was for it to go away. But, when I finally surrendered, accepting my initiation into my true self healing and my true self “adult”, I was able to open up to the new knowledge (mind-blowing knowledge to me at the time) that my symptoms, my debilitating pain, my muscle tension, my anxiety, my gut issues, my depression etc etc were all just messages- guidance that something is off in my life.

My heart and soul, the Divine, my spirit guides, my angels, my BODY, my EMOTIONS and all parts of me were trying so hard to give me whispers for years before my debilitating pelvic pain “forced” me to surrender. I remember laying on the floor in my living room at the time, half naked balling my eyes out with my arms up to the ceiling but visualizing the sky saying something like, “I’m done! I have no idea how to help myself, how to heal, how to feel better. Please guide me. Help me. I’ve done everything I know to do and I’m only getting worse. I’m willing and open to anything. Please guide me.”

Prior to my surrendering I was trying reallllllllllly hard to heal. I was “doing” all the things I had learned in my traditional training in psychology and physical therapy and also in all my self-studies of holistic healing, mindfulness, integrative nutrition etc etc. However, I just kept getting worse- more fear, more pain, more treatments, more practitioners, more fear, more pain…… and the cycle went on and on and on.

After my surrendering moment I see now that I let go of the outcome. I was more focused on just feeling better in my moments. I was so uncomfortable with myself I just wanted to feel “cozy”. Cozy was the word for me- it was my deepest desire to just feel cozy in my own body. I desired to uncovering and be what brought me peace within me. I did not DO this with my mind I just began to BE this because it felt better. It was only after my symptoms and pain fell away that I was able to dive deeper into what actually allowed my symptoms and pain to fall away and begin to put language to it all.

I was BEING more than DOING. Being who and what felt more peaceful to me. I came to realize this was my “true self”. That person I was “doing” most of my life was just a persona I created from the conditioned beliefs I had been indoctrinated into. WOW- again, mind-blowing! The human experience is fascinating.

What else do I not know about this human experience? This is my on-going question. I’m truly like a little kid always asking questions! We must ask questions so that we can receive the answers we need. So please, give yourself permission to question everything and keep questioning to the deepest root possible. Allow your questioning to be fun, lighthearted, curious- and allow whatever comes up to just BE- allow what is. Practice noticing your judgements and thoughts regarding what comes up and possibly note them down- you will want to do work and get curious on them later.

What I know now is that for your symptoms and pain to fall away you need to let go of the outcome and instead, uncover what allows you to feel ease, calm, cozy, joy, awe, magic, miraculous, content in your moment to moment life. You must choose this initiation of becoming your true self or I like to say “unleashing” your true self, as she is already within you and is yearning to be unleashed to so that she can play!

You must give yourself permission to play on this journey. To become radically aware of yourSelf and experiment and play with the new knowledge and experiences that come your way. In this playing you uncover your heart and soul desires, needs, passions and purposes. You uncover your hell yeses and nos! You practice uncovering your truths and speaking them loud and proud.

On this journey you uncover traumas that have programmed your nervous system to be on guard, in a fight-flight-freeze or survival state (you will learn so much more about these states in my work and how to regulate your nervous system) preventing you from being in the healing mode of your nervous system. And IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT that you have been living in survival mode as most humans living in the modern world are living in a survival state- hence the epidemics of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual dis-ease.

Over time you build capacity in your nervous system and learn to BE with what is coming up in the present moment of your life, feeling into the sensations in your body, uncovering the language of you that is giving you guidance and messages- each person has their own unique language to uncover. You gradually release the stuck stuff in your body, in your tissues, organs, diaphragms, joints etc. You learn to relish in the miraculousness (not sure if that is a word) of your emotions and the power they have to give you guidance and move through you- when you have the nervous system capacity to BE with them.

As I said before we are miraculous beings with superpowers if we only choose to go within, get curious, allow what is and work with all parts of ourselves to remember and re-harmonize ourselves so that we can experience all the sensations and experiences we are meant to experience on this earth at this time. And of course co-create our unique gifts and give them to those around us and the world so we all heal together.

Remember, you just being your radical true self in the moments of your life is the point of it all.

Join me on this journey of unleashing your true self and embodying this human experience. I’m a work in progress just like you and we are on this journey together.

Love, Kelly

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