The big picture of healing vs. our radical present moments

The BIG PICTURE of healing

Healing is the journey to uncover our true self.  Our true self is already within us.  She has just been shackled, leashed up & hidden due to conditioning, traumas, patriarchal ruling and more.  Usually it is a symptom or pain that manifests in the physical body or a major life adversity that finally forces us to stop and question everything- our lives, beliefs, habits, choices etc etc.  

For me, it was my debilitating pelvic pain & upregulated nervous system that forced me to surrender, step into the unknown and begin questioning everything.  

I believe radically being our true self in the moments of our life is our only purpose here on this earth.  We all agreed to come here in our current body knowing exactly the adversity, illnesses and struggles we would be faced with and we also knew we had the power to transcend them to unleash our true self.  

Why is it important to BE our true self?  

The healing journey is one from being the masked, conditioned version of ourselves, merely personas we have created within our mind, to being the free, expansive, creative, unconditionally loving true self that allows us to create our unique gifts and give them to the world- in other words, to be of service.  

Living as the conditioned version of ourselves takes a lot of energy and work and causes the nervous system to be dysregulated.  Everything becomes a decision to make with the mind.  If you fall for the mainstream media facade of life you are also living in fear as the world is a very dangerous place (as per mainstream media, systems and the people that determine these things).  The modern culture is one that is based on the beliefs of, “I need to do more.  I need to buy more.  They have more than me- I need to work harder so I can get that too.  I’m not good enough.”  This is a very stressful way to live.  

When you have a dysregulated nervous system you don’t think in alignment with your highest good.  You make decisions out of fear and most of the time you make the exact same decisions you made yesterday, last year and ten years ago which all get you the exact same results.  You are living as a program set on auto-pilot.  

All this dysregulation, disharmony, shoving down of emotions, overflow of stress hormones and more gets stuck in the soma- your physical body.  It gets stuck in your joints, your fascia, your diaphragms, your organs.  Your body tries to whisper to you but you are too busy and distracted to even realize it is speaking to you.  You don’t even know how to feel yourself anymore.  You have forgotten your body’s unique language that it speaks to you.  

Your heart and soul, the divine, your spirit guides, your ancestors and angels (and who knows who and what else- there is so much we don’t know and don’t have language for) say, “ok, we need to up the intensity of adversity or pain and symptoms so that she gets back on track to fulfilling her purposes in this life”.  They never give up on you!  

Your body is on your side.  You just need to remember how to feel, sense and get back in tune with it.  

There is nothing more important in life than choosing to be on the journey of discovering your true self and radically BEING that in the moments of your life.  It is not always easy but it is the point of life!  Nothing else matters! 

Let’s compare that big picture with the power of the radical present moment.  

I first heard the term “radical present moment” from one of my mentors and teachers, Dr. Joe Dispenza.  The radical present moment is only “time” or moment that we have the power to choose to become radically aware of ourselves and begin to make choices that align with our highest good- our true self.  

Our pain, symptoms or adversity in life causes us to surrender, step into the unknown, question everything and begin to experiment.  In the present is moment is where we have the power to choose to experiment with new beliefs, thoughts, sensations, feelings, actions, interactions, practices, language, emotions, tools, strategies and sooooo much more.  

The radical present moment is where we have the power to play.  When we experiment in the mindset of play, it allows an energy of light-hearted curiosity as opposed to an energy of trying really hard to heal.  We play and experiment so that we can notice how that experience makes us feel.  If it feels in alignment with our true self we keep it and if it feels heavy or contracted we release it.  It can be as simple as that! 

The radical present moment and life journey is about feeling into the moments of our lives.  We get to play with the continuum of all emotions and give ourselves permission to feel into the so-called lower level emotions of grief, sadness, rage.  It is only when we give ourselves permission to feel the so-called lower level emotions that we can open up to feel the higher level emotions of love, gratitude, awe, joy etc.  

Life is about the feeling- how our heart and soul desire to feel.  The saying, “we need to feel to heal” is true.  I tried to heal via my decisions I made with my mind for so long and only got worse.  I see others do the exact same thing and it’s not our fault.  We were conditioned to value the mind and to seek knowledge outside of ourselves as opposed to tuning within, for the guidance and wisdom we need to heal.  We were taught to believe a symptom is something to fear and get rid of causing our nervous system to become even more dysregulated.  We were taught that the body is our enemy, something that can break and therefore, needs to be fixed.  

The radical present moment is where you have the power to question everything that you have been taught and begin to sense and feel what is aligned with your truth. 

Since time is an illusion, the power of the present moment expands exponentially.  

Time is an illusion where in the present moment we can not only connect with our current self but we can also connect with our inner children (past versions of ourselves) and the future healed true self version of ourselves.  This is mind-blowing right??!!

We are so much  more powerful than we have been taught.  Remember this!  Know in your bones that you have the power to create anything your heart and soul desire, anything that is in alignment with your truths.  Your job is to just remember how to activate your superpowers one moment at a time.  

We need to connect with and tend to our inner children to resolve reactions to traumas that are stuck in our soma- our physical body.  This is not work done in our minds, but instead it is work that needs to be felt and moved in our body.  We literally can move stuck energy and emotions from our joints, diaphragms, fascia, organs and more that have been stuck since our conception. Traumas we need to work with include developmental traumas, shocks to our system and the overload of daily stressors.   

In the radical present moment we can also feel into and connect with the future healed version of ourselves- our true self that is already within us.  She is there ready and waiting to give us guidance and messages on our next best step on our healing journey.  You can chat with her anytime.  

Practice holding the intention of your big picture of healing in your mind and whole being while radically being in your present moments.  When you hold this radical truth of the big picture as an intention it allows for a frequency of energy within you and around you that will attract more healing to you.  Can you see how your job is truly to just BE you?  Not with the intention “to heal” but instead, with the intention of just radically being YOU in the moments of your life.  

Here are a few more inspired actions you can take:

  1. Take a pause break, sit outside in nature with your journal and ask yourself:
    • What are my truths around this essay?
    • What questions come up within you?
    • What feelings come up within you?
    • What are some limiting beliefs that were self-sabotaging your healing?
    • What are your new true self beliefs that will help you heal?
  2. Write out your big picture intentions and your “radical present moment” intentions.
  3. Every morning upon waking say them to yourself.  Take a pause break mid-day and repeat your intentions again.  In the evening, take time to reflect on how you lived in alignment with these intentions or how you strayed from your intention, why and how you can stay more in alignment with your true self intentions tomorrow.
  4. Repeat your intentions as you go to bed.  You can even vision yourself being more aligned with them tomorrow. 

Play & BE curious!

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