What is Healing Lifestyle Design?

Healing Lifestyle Design is the conscious design and co-creation of your life in radical alignment with your truth self. This way of living naturally leads us to heal, evolve & thrive!

It is the intention and daily practices to wake up from the trance-like auto-pilot mode that the mainstream has indoctrinated us into and instead, remember our true self, who is already within us, and be her and do her in the moments of our lives. It is taking radical responsibility for your life.

You are the only one that can heal you. You are the only one that can sense and feel within you to decode your inner guidance and wisdom. This is one of your greatest superpowers!

Healing Lifestyle Design is a way to design your life from morning to night with practices and rituals that allow you to uncover your true self and radically be her in the moments of your life. It unleashes your curiosity, imagination, creativity and more. It allows you to feel the whole continuum of emotions and receive their guidance. It allows you to become aware of all the ways your being guided in the moments of your life to move towards your truths.

Healing Lifestyle Design is a blueprint or guide map to help you navigate the journey to unleash your true self. One of my soul purposes in this life is guiding women home to their true selves. Along this path I sense, listen, feel and use my intuitive gifts to help you stay the path of your heart and soul.

This way of being and living is very different from the modern mainstream culture. Modern living has us distracted by things outside of ourselves, disassociated from our body and sensations, valuing our intellect only and endlessly desiring more stuff. Whereas a lifestyle that heals has us radically aware of our inner world, tuned into the sensations within us and our inner guidance system, valuing all forms of wisdom and guidance and cultivating a life of peace aligned with the natural rhythms of the earth.

HOW do we do this? What does it look like? What does it feel like?

Imagine this…… waking in the morning with a smile excited and curious for the day, feeling into the moment, noticing the sensations in your body and knowing exactly what your next step in that moment is. You already have a roadmap of your day as you have reflected the night before and set your intentions and inspired actions- via your heart and soul, not your head! Yet, you are always radically tuned into the moment because you may receive guidance to go a different direction or make a different choice.

You move toward a new choice and you notice, sense and feel in the moment the result of that choice. You know immediately whether it is a yes or no, or maybe you need to modify it a bit.

All of life is this dance, this flow, this being in the radical present moment being curious, questioning, experimenting, noticing the outcomes and doing it all over again the next moment. It is being radically tuned into you.

Imagine having a community of women living this way where you can bring your stories of your mindful moments and uncover even more. Where you can share you stories and unabashedly be YOU. Where you can be inspired by hearing other women’s stories, notice what sparks your soul and take inspired actions towards that. A community collaborating and creating together.

Healing Lifestyle Design is a way of being in radical alignment with our true selves, fulfilling our soul purposes on this earth at this time and radically supported by a community of humans with similar intentions.

Join me when you are ready.

The Healing Lifestyle Design monthly membership is for you if what you read above sparked your curiosity!

love & light, Kelly


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