Where are you in your Dis-ease progression?

It is helpful for you to take a moment and identify where you are at in your personal dis-ease progression?  

I was already in the Diagnosis column with multiple “diagnoses” by the time I even realized I had a problem.  Looking back I had had symptoms for years before that and my conditioned personality traits were already set in me by the time I was seven because our subconscious conditioning happens from conception to seven.  Then, living as this conditioned version of myself I unknowingly at the time piled on all the little traumas and big traumas dysregulating my nervous system more causing even fear, deeper conditioned personality traits.  It is a cycle that take work to get out of – but it is sooooo worth it!  And its why we are here on this earth. 

So where are you in these columns?  Do you have multiple western medicine official diagnoses?  Can you list out all your symptoms and when they started?  Can you identify your conditioned personality traits and when they started.  We can often link small and big traumas to exactly when our conditioned personality traits developed or got more intense.  

Conditioned personality traits


People pleasing

Goodism, following the rules and shoulds

Playing small /  quiet

Busyness syndrome





Looking for approval outside of self. 

Distracted by everything outside of self.

Taking life too seriously









Gut issues


Irregular periods

Period pain


Obsessive worry

Brain fog

Obsessive behaviors

Diagnoses (cluster of symptoms)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Pelvic Pain Syndrome



Eating Disorders


Acne & skinny ssues



Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

The Western Medical System is great for treating acute issue but it is not good at healing chronic conditions caused by conditioning, traumas, lifestyle etc etc at the root very root of the issue!  And the majority of dis-ease that is suffered by modern humans is due to these dis-harmonies from childhood and stress of the modern world that have been progressing for years until finally the time bomb goes off! 

Remember, it’s not your fault.  Take an inhale and allow a long exhale allowing your nervous system to calm a bit.  Step outside in nature and put your feed on the earth.  You have a way out of this cycle.  You have the power to heal yourSelf.  I had to figure it all out myself and piece together all the pieces  that are needed to heal.  

That is why I created HLD.  It is everything you need to get you from where you are now to the empowered vital human that you are meant to be & deserve to be!   

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